Certified Nursing Assistant – The Certified Nursing Assistant career path offers great entry-level opportunities, and our course features professional classroom experiences.

CertifiedNursing Assistant

Certified Nursing Assistant

Nursing assistants work under the direction of other health care professionals, usually in nursing homes or hospitals. Their duties include taking the blood pressure, temperature and pulse of patients. They help patients get in and out of bed, take baths, and dress. They also serve meals and perform housekeeping chores like making beds and cleaning rooms.

Nursing assistants observe the patients physical, emotional, and mental status and report any changes to the medical or nursing staff. Nursing assistants that are employed in nursing homes are often the principal caregivers. They often have more contact with residents than other members of the staff. Since some residents may occupy a nursing home for months or even years, nursing assistants often develop ongoing relationships with them and respond to them in a positive and caring manner.

Requirements: To register for this course, you must be able to read, write and understand English. The student provide proof of Georgia Residency and Social Security Card. Student must be 16yrs of age or older.

Tuition: $1250* (Tuition includes: Instruction, Drug Screening, Background and TB Screening)
*Does not include registration
*Other materials might be needed for this course

Course Length: 4 weeks (weekends available – 7 weeks)

Upcoming Classes: Open registration for online class.

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